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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Are you going to kick that ball, or should I?

 Cayden and Kennadi both had their first soccer games on Saturday. Its just plain fun to watch little kids play soccer. I was really impressed by Caydens team. They are 1st and 2nd graders, and some of those kids are very good players. Cayden played last year but was really shy and got tired easy :) He is doing great so far. Here are some of my favorite pictures. Its hard to capture much since I am that mom on the side lines yelling at her kid. Always there to help ;)
Here is Cayden with his Grandpa before the game. I am so glad he made it. He told Cayden that he would give him $10 for every goal he makes. WOW. That made Cayden excited!

Here is Cayden with his best buddy Connor. I love these boys. They were so funny out there together. I am so glad that Connor and Cayden are so much the same. Both of them were shy on the field and they both were acting pretty goofy at times.

 Cayden and Connor got sent in to play at the same time, and stood in front of the goal to help protect it. It was funny because when the ball came, it was almost like the kids would look at each other before they kicked the ball, just to see who was going to kick it first. Very cute.

Kennadi's game started about 2 minutes before Caydens game ran over. So she and I went over there and started. I have been like an assistant coach for Kennas team so I got to help and its a lot of fun. Its so cute to watch these little preschool kids play soccer.
 Kenna got to side kick the ball in.
 This little girl is a natural soccer player. and she makes it look good :)

After the games we went over to our field that we are getting ready for sheep, and we planted it. And by we, I mean Cord. 

Here is Quaid playing in the barns
 I had to throw this picture in because of course I think this guy is the best looking thing around :)
Even with that broken foot.......  Love him!
Well  thats about it for now. If I can get caught up on school work I will be starting my deep spring cleaning on thursday. I'm really excited about that, and Easter shopping.

Also, I need a running/jogging/walking partner for the evenings. I cant get my butt to go alone. Anyone??  :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Fever

This year I get to be in charge of our back yard and garden! (Cord still has a broken foot) So, I decided that if I'm doing the garden then I'm going to do it my way! So don't judge the picture above. Its a work in progress. But I am really excited about it so far. I have my squash, peppers, and tomato plants in. If you look at the picture above, the far left is where we planted our grass. Oh I mean I planted our grass ;)  That was a job in itself. Not as easy as ya would think. I had to rototiller that baby three times in different directions and then rake it FLAT. Flat is difficult!
I am happy to have a garden growing again. Its fun everyday to spend some time outside watering and planting and weeding. I love this time of year! It gets me excited to bottle salsa and homemade spaghetti sauce :)
 I had to throw this blurry picture in this post. Cayden is such a big help to me everyday. I feel bad because my kid knows that I am so busy that after he completes a chore he just takes pictures of it with my phone to show me so I don't have to go look. Ha. So this is him taking a picture of himself after cleaning out the dishwasher. I have to say, creating a chore chart for my young kids was a really great idea!! They love it, it helps me out, we all win ;)

Ok, I have been feeling the need for change! I hate when I feel like that, it usually ends with me chopping my hair off and then hating it. I keep telling myself I WONT do that again!
So I decided to see if I could pull off styling my bangs straight across. My sister does her that way and it looks good on her, so I chopped my bangs a little more so I could see...and put them straight across. What do you think?

I ended up swooping them across my forehead like I usually do, just because I couldnt decide if it looked funny or not. I'm thinking its time for a new hair color, which is another problem!! Ugh, dark or blonde. Cant decide. Somedays I wish I was a 4 year old again and my mom decided all my hair decisions for me! Then again I would have a pony tail and huge curled under bangs. Ugh.  :)  Anyone want to tell me what I should do?

This post ened up being random. But I intended to talk about how excited our family is for spring! Cayden and Kennadi have their first soccer games this Saturday. Finally. So thats going to be fun!  And I made my spring cleaning list. Its huge, but it will be fun to get it done!  I should probably get caught up on school work. Ive let myself fall behind. Thats never good!

Happy Spring everyone!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blue Angels

Today was a pretty fun day for our family. We ended up going into St.George to see if we could see the Blue Angels and watch some of the air show. We parked near the airport on a dirt road (with many other cars) and it was really the PERFECT spot! The Blue Angels were flying RIGHT over the top of us, and it was seriously awesome. I cant even explain how cool it was to have those big, loud, fast plane swooping right over our heads. Our kids loved it too. I thought the sound might scare Quaid, but he just laughed when he heard it and was so cute. He thought it was fun too.

Now since I grew up with my dad in the Air Force, and him loving these fighter jets so much ( and my oldest brother did as well) I have a deep love for this kind of thing. I was having more fun than the kids I think. Cord might have been slightly embarrassed. Ha.  I told Cayden and Kennadi how when I was little I wanted to be a pilot in those types of air planes. They thought that was really cool, and now both of them are pretty obsessed with planes, flying, and becoming pilots. Its pretty cool to see them that excited about something that I remember being really excited about. My dad would be so proud :)

Here is quaid laughing after the loud sound flew over the top of us. (I forgot my camera running out the door, so all I had was my phone, and yes I was super mad at myself the whole time!)
Kennadi was really loving it. I've said it before, she reminds me of me when I was little :)  and by the way, it was FREEZING out. There was on and off again hail going on pretty much the whole time where we were at.

 I snapped this picture of Cord and I at the park we let the kids play at for a bit while we were waiting to watch the Blue Angles. Kinda goofy but I dont get many pictures of us so it is what is it :P

Yes, I had to throw this one in. I took it on our way out of the house. I just love Kennadi's bangs, and we like taking pictures together. Quaid is finally getting the hang of it.

Ok, here are the pictures I got of the airplanes. I really wish I would have had my good camera. There was so many good opportunities for great pictures! I kept thinking, "What kind of photographer forgets her camera while going to an AIR SHOW?" Oh man, Not good.  Enjoy! We had a great time!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tire swing and hair cuts

A few days ago I decided it was time to shave Cayden's hair off (it grows so fast and is so thick) and so I thought I would cut Quaids hair while I was at it. Ok, No I did not go to beauty school. But I did cut a lot of barbies hair as a kid. And if I didnt want to be a Nurse and possible a doctor some day, I might have gone to beauty school :)
Anyway, back to the hair cuts...I do my best. Some times they turn out and some times, not so much. After I cut the boys hair, Kennadi told me she wanted me to cut her bangs. I have always let her hair just grow out and she has always had her bangs the same length as her hair, so long. But she really wanted her best friend Shyley she said. I was so nervous to do it. I told her we should wait and take her to a professional but she didn't want to wait. So I chopped them. We are really surprised at how good they look. She loves them :)
 Here is Quaids hair cut. It actually looks better than this picture shows. He is a stud :) Don't mind his dirty face, and my reflection in the mirror. Yes that's the face I have to pull to get him to look in my direction to take a picture of him!

Yesterday I practically was outside all day doing yard work. There was so much to do, so I did it :) It was nap time for Quaider and he was not in the best of moods, so I set him in the tire swing and pushed him for a minute, and WHALA. he feel asleep. Super easy :) I got to finish some work and he even stayed asleep when I moved him into his bed when I was done. It was nice. He looked so adorable that I had to snap some pictures. And BIG, I couldn't get over how big he looked there in that swing. 18 months old, it blows my mind. Little monkey.

Well, that's all for now I guess! I hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's Day. I know that a little leprechaun found our house today and left the kids some green candies and green bug juices ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Family Pictures, and rambling.

We got some new family pictures taken about a week ago. I thought about doing them, and then the next day there we were. So there was not much planning, but they turned out pretty good for last minute. Notice anything? Yep, Cord has a broken foot. The reason we threw these pictures together is because Cord was set to get his cast off a couple days later and I really wanted to do some pictures with the cast on. Plus it had been 6 months since we had pics taken, and I'm the crazy lady that wants family pics that often!

Today I cut Cayden and Quaids hair. Kenna was feeling a little left out and she has been wanting her bangs cut forever (I have let them grow out since she was just little) So I decided that I could try to cut them. I cut my own but they dont always turn out so great, so I was nervous. 
I will have to post a pic of them. They are seriously adorable. It was so fun and she was SO excited. She has pretty much been staring at herself in the mirror the rest of the day. So tonight she was doing her dolls hair and she told me that she wants to be a beauty styler when she grows up. She told me that when she gets my size, marries Justin Bieber, and moves into her new house then she is going to cut her dolls hair. Ha Ha! She is so funny. Its even better because she is totally serious.

 Dang! Check out this handsome kid. I dont have much to say about his boy, except that he is wonderful. Ever since Cayden was a baby I always comment about how much I love his age he is at. I have yet to find an age that I have not loved! He is just a great kid, and always has been. This boy is such a blessing. I remember when my days were spent just the two of us. How I cherish those memories and times. Sometimes I miss those days,  but the other 2 children have blessed our lives even more. And I know that the greatest gift that I can give to my children, are siblings!!!
(This is no way is saying there will be more siblings coming, I am just talking about the ones we already have!)
 I just love this picture. It pretty much sums up my daily life with three kids. Its crazy and I feel like we belong in a circus most of the time, but I love it, and its fun!!

 Hello, Mr. Brown Eyes. Ive said it before, and I will say it again, I cant get enough of these big brown eyes. I love them, I love them, and I love him. Quaid has personality shooting out of his ears...and everyone he meets just loves him. He has been so shy up to this point. And now he says 'Hi' to every person we pass in the grocery store. He loves old people (just like his mommy :)) and its fun to watch him make their day by waving to them and saying hi.
Today he is 18 months old. These 18 months have been the easiest 18 months with  new child. I cant really explain it but I remember it being alot more challenging with both of my older kids. So its just been a great joy. I love the faces he pulls and the way he rolls his eyes at people. He talks so much (even if we dont know what he is saying) and he loves playing in the back yard and with his siblings. He thinks he is so big and he is fun to watch. I love his kisses and the way he holds my hand, and cuddles with me at nap time and bed time. He is still so cuddly.

I didnt mean to go off about stuff but I guess thats how it works :)
One more of this princess. I just love her!!

I had to add this picture, for a few reasons. On the 5th, Cord and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary, as well as Cords 25th birthday. We have been through so much together, sometimes is hard to believe. I dont often talk about our story, but it seems most people know anyway. Cord was 18 when he married me and took on the responsibility of being a husband and a soon to be dad. He is the hardest worker I have ever seen, and would do anything to keep me happy, and provide our family with all the things we need. Now, I am just use to the way he is. But when I look back and think about it I cant believe he did that at such a young age, and did it the way he well! He is really amazing and I don't think I say it enough. I'm so proud to be his wife. You know he must love me because of the way he let me do his hair for these pictures ;) 
Ok my last random thought, dont judge books by their covers. I only say this because there is so much that one cannot see from the outside. And also, give people chances. You never know what the big guy upstairs has in store  :)

Didnt mean for this post to be so long!!!!!