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Cord, Amberly, Cayden, Kennadi, and Quaid!



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6 months!!!

6 months ago today, this little guy came into our lives. I can not even descibe how much love I have for this brown eyed boy! I never imagined I would have this wonderful of a baby, again!! He is so much fun! I love his personalitly, his smile, the noises he makes, the bubbles he blows....who am I kidding, I love everything he does!!!
This little face will always hold a special place in my Heart!!
Some exciting things he is doing now:
rolls from front to back, and back to front!
He can sit up all by himself and play with toys and watch Cayden and Kennadi run around.
He grabs anything and everything that is infront of him!
He laughs and yells when he is excited!
Loves, loves, loves to be outside
Eats baby food twice a day
Sleeps atleast 6 hours each night
Still takes 3 naps a day

I dont think i need to express how much this little guy means to his brother and sister. They love him so much! this picture shows that!

thanks for coming into our family baby Q. We love you so much!! Happy half a birthday!!