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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I have a feeling that this post will be pretty long...

Of course I have to start off with a picture of this guy!!! Oh how I love this brown eyed boy. He serioiusly makes everyday of my life start with a smile.
He has started saying "dada dada dada da" all the time now. Its so cute! Cord of course loves it. I love listening to him. the little faces that he makes while he is saying it....just too cute!! He is serioiusly so much fun!!

Quaid is becoming more mobile too :) He sits on the floor, then tips to his belly and rolls where he wants to be, he then will kick his legs all over the place to get him to turn in all directions. He doesnt crawl yet, but he is getting his little knees under him, and I dont think it will be long until he figures it out!!

I love seeing everyweek how much Cayden learns in soccer. He is doing better everytime he plays!! Its so fun to watch, he kills me. The things he does while he is out there on the field...if he wasnt 5 i would be embarrassed. haha. I love this kid, he thrives off of making people laugh. That can be a good thing, and a crazy thing too. Anyway, its fun going and having him be involved with all this stuff. I just hope that he can always remember the important things he learns while playing these sports. To have fun!!! I already feel bad that I'm that crazy mom on the side line yelling at her kid to do this or that!! Yes I am, I was in basketball season, and now in soccer. Cant help it. I get into it.

Good thing he is to young to in a few years, I will probably have to swear to keep my mouth shut. Dont know if I could do that ;)

Here is Cayden guarding the goal......

Yes, a kid actually said "Mom, look....the kid guarding the goal is laying down!" haha. Its hard to stay focused on what you supposed to be doing when the ball is on the other side of the field and there is so many people watching. oh boy oh boy. (yes I was taking the pictures, laughing, and yelling at him to get up and be ready all at the same time)

Little miss

Its hard to find the right words. She looks like a princess, but daddy calls her Bimbo the clown.
She doesnt care...she feels pretty :)

Kenna recently decided she loved wearing makeup like mommy everyday. Its hard to keep her our of it. i really didnt see a problem with it. She had fun, I thought it was cute...well its gone kind of far.

Its ok, yes I take her in public like this. She is expressing herself :)

WEll, I honestly thought i would go on and on about things in this post.

Kennadi has her first dance recital next friday and saturday. I am sure I will go camera crazy and take a million pictures. Literally. I tend to do that. It will be so much fun for her. I am glad she is in dance and gets to do this.

I also start playing softball games this week. Silly, but im slightly nervous about this. Its actually been about 2 years since I have played!! Last year I was pregnant and couldnt play. So I am happy to be on a team this year and I really hope I dont suck as bad as I think I am going to. If I sorry to my team mates!

Cord leaves at the end of may to fly with his little brother out to flordia. He will be gone for 5 days!! He has really never been anywhere (besides when I took him out to new jersey with me!!) So I am really excited for him to go!!!! Not like I am excited for him to be gone, but I love that he gets to have this expirence and do something fun! He works so hard all the time,I dont think he has ever had a vacation! So go ahead hunny, go and have a good time!!! :) We really appreciate everything he does for us <3

Not much for me to say, Im sure I could find some things to complain about...but I will spare all of my readers. Im not sure if anyone even reads these ? I hope someone does :)

WEll, thats about all for now!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ya know, I would probably post more often, except for it seems like after I write a great big fat fingers hit some random button and the whole dang thing gets deleated. UGH. I just wrote a great post on spring time and how I love it!!! and the best thing about spring this year is that I am not pregnant so I an enjoy it!!! Wow, now I dont know if I can re write what I lost. Thats the downfall with laptops. Seems tohappen to me all the time.

I have been loving watching Cayden play soccer the past couple weeks. He is getting better and better everytime he plays. His team is really good!! they are 2-0. Cayden isnt the star player, but the kid has heart. He runs the whole time and does everything he can(even though he flinches when the ball is kicked his way, haha) But it so much fun watching him. Every game he is getting better and beter, by the end I know he will be scoring goals. He is just happy to be there and be playng and trying his best. He is such a good kid!!! I love him very mucho.

Kennadi has entered a make up phase. Wow, I dont know what else I can say. She pretty much looks like she has a little mask on her eyes everyday. Its really funny. She has some bright pink lipstick that I gave her (whoops) and she wears it on her lips ( and all around them too ) Its really funny to see her putting on her make up. She knows right where it all goes, I couldnt believe it. I guess she watches me :) Its fun to see that and to know that she is trying to be like me. I tried to tell her that she is so beautiful that she doesnt even need make up, but apparently its fun. So Im not going to stop her! I really dont mind that she gets into it and makes a mess of it, she is just having fun so Im all for that!! Such a girly girl, and a tom boy at the same time. Love this girl!

Quaids first tooth cut through on sunday, April 3rd! I knew they were coming. But its here now and its sharp!! Luckily, I taught him weeks ago not to bite me when I am nursing him. So I hope we dont have a problem with that!! When he was all gums, it still hurt to be bit. SO now it would really not be good...I swear that sharp little tooth could draw blood. I cant wait until its in enough that I can see it when he smiles. His little smile already melts my heart, so that will just intensify it!! He is growing so fast. I cant help but think how much fun this age is. I just love it. Yes, I say that about every age. But this 6-7 month range is so fun. THey are playing and i can just see how much more he understands thngs. He interacts with his brother and sister more now. He just loves them!! Its fun to watch him reach his hands for Cord when he comes home for work. He laughs when we tip him upside down, and throw him in the air. He loves to be tickled, and his little tummy is so ticklish.

Well, thats about all for now. I am sure I could go on and on, but I better get some things done!! If this all gets deleated before I am done typing then I may never blog again!!