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Monday, April 26, 2010


Okay, So it seems like everyone has a blog now, and that they all keep up with it!! I feel so behind and out of it! Its been over a year since I have tried to Blog! Maybe I can do it this time.

So I guess I need to start with an update...Cord still works for Fugals doing gas pipe. Even after they laid basically everyone off months and months ago...he is still there working hard. Recently they have picked up some more work and are now back to working 50 hours a week! So thats been fun.
I have started working just a couple days a week at the Hurricane Family Clinic as a Medical Assistant. Its good expirence for me and the people that work there are all really great. I had a couple of classes with the lady that is now my thats kind of fun. We were friends for a bout a year and then she called me and asked if I wanted to work a little bit between school and stuff! So its really been perfect.
Cayden is going to preschool..which is actually almost over. He is so very excited to start kindergarten this fall. He and I went to a meet and greet a few weeks ago at his school. He got to meet all the kindergarten teachers and play in the room while the parents went to some different rooms and learned how we could help our kids be prepared for school. It blows my mind that these little ones are going to be reading and writing already! I dont remember doing that in kindergarten! Cayden is so unbelievably smart already, and doing some of these things right now so I know that he will do wonderful! He is such a fun kid. I still have not found a favorite age for these kids....every day is so much fun!
Kennadi is 2, but thinks she is just as big as Cayden. She is expecting to start school right along with him...its going to be difficult to explain to her why she is not going. She talks so well that it blows peoples minds when I tell them she is only 2! She is such a sassy little thing too..its funny to me, but someone has to disipline her sometimes! I usually have to turn around and laugh after I talk to her about not doing or saying something that she had just done. Her logic is hilarious! Besides all that, she is so beautiful and just so much fun! I cant believe how fast she is growing up!
This September we are going to be expecting a new member in our family! We are all very excited! We are actually going to be finding out later this week (unless legs are crossed) the sex of the baby! I can not wait for that. I just want to buy stuff and start getting things prepared. With everything else thats going on in our lives, I know that these last months are going to fly by. Cayden wants the baby to be a boy, and he wants to name it either John Wayne, Thomas, or Cayden. He doesnt care that his name is Cayden too..he thinks that would be cool to have two Caydens. Kennadi wants the baby to be a girl (actually she sort of demands it) and she thinks she will name it Italy. Very random. I dont know why she wants to name the baby that, I think its because she hears me say that my dad lives in Italy, so she likes that word now. So should be fun!

I need to put some more recent pictures onto the computer, so I can add some to the blog, but for now these will do!