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Monday, April 16, 2012

Book a session with Firefly Photography!

Friends and family, spread the word! I am doing $35 photo sessions for the next two weeks!

Who doesnt want some springtime family pictures or end of the school year photos? I'm doing this deal to get myself out there and get busy doing some fun photography sessions! :) So contact me to set up a time.

This price includes up to 2 locations (local, further may have additional cost), and all edited images on a disk with full rights to them.  Also, I never time my sessions. We take as many pictures as we need to until we are all satisfied :)

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Thanks, and dont be afraid to share with any of your friends and family!! Its a great deal :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

A little Easter and some blooming.

I  love Easter, but I am glad its over. After having sick kids and husband for the past 2 weeks, everyone is finally feeling (almost all) better. I couldn't be happier!!

 Last Saturday (Day before Easter) Cords Moms side of the family had a big reunion where they were going to be doing an egg hunt and have lunch and lots of fun stuff.  It seemed our kids were inbetween illnesses on saturday so we got to go. I didnt take many pictures, but I did get this one of the pretty flowers I made for Kenna's hair that morning. I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself :)

Here is one shot I got of the boys in the car after the egg hunt. They  were pretty worn out, it was SO HOT on Saturday.
 That same day we had fun playing outside with our puppies. They are getting so big and they are pretty darn cute. The kids love them. Especially Q. Its fun to watch them all play. I over heard Cord telling Cayden that he can keep one pup if he wants to work hard and take care of it. Oh boy, I don't know if I like that idea ;)

Yesterday we finally mowed our lawn and I sprayed off the house and front porch. I love the way everything looks when its all clean like that. I snapped this picture of Cayden sitting on the steps right after. He is looking so much older to me suddenly. How did my precious baby get so big?

 Another fun suprise I found while cleaning up the front yard, the first roses of the year have already bloomed. I love roses, and I loved that when we bought our house it already had lots of rose bushes in the yard. I love when they bloom!! I can smell them as soon as I step out my front door.
 This one is just peeking out :)
Well I have lots more I could say. Easter was great, besides all the sick kids. They got worse on Monday. My camera was on the wrong setting Easter morning so most of my pictures are blurry. Gotta love that. And Quaid found my lap top while no one was looking and pulled the space bar key off the keyboard, so typing is very difficult and annoying. I hope I can get that fixed!!

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let a Momma Vent.

I feel like venting, and facebook is not the place so I thought I would do it on here!

Let me start....I don't understand why kids are SO mean. If I ever catch my kid doing or saying anything that is rude toward another person, I talk to him about it. I try to teach my kids to be nice to all people, to respect their elders, and respect others beliefs and opinions.

That being said, Cayden came up to me tonight after Cord and I went out shopping and left the kids with our lovely friend who watched the kids for us. He wispered in my ear "Mommy, do you like me?"

I looked at him shocked...after a second he said "because none of the kids at my school do." It immediately broke my heart! I mean I grabbed him and hugged him and started tearing up. After I told him how much I loved him, and how many other people are out there that love him and like him, I began thinking why he would thing that in the first place.

We have been having a problem with Cayden taking toys to school. He has been told not to do it by us and his teacher, yet he continues to do it. I couldnt figure out why. Until 2 weeks ago when a boy in his class called him to go to his house. Cayden was so excited and wanted to go. When we dropped him off, the boy asked Cayden which of his toys he brought over. He showed him and this boy proceeded to ask me for about 10 minutes if we could take cayden home so he could get his other toys, then bring him back. Or if the boys dad could drive them to my house to get his toys. It was so rude, and I was stunned. It occured to me that this boy didnt want to play with Cayden, he wanted to play with his toys. My thoughts were confirmed when I picked him up and Cayden was just sitting there while the other kid was playing with the toys he took over.
This same boy came over to our house to play and we got to witness him saying such rude things to Cayden. and throwing Caydens toys around when Cayden told him that the kid couldn't take them home or keep them forever.
 Its so suprising to know that this kids parents are really nice people.  Come on, spend time with your kids. TEACH THEM WHAT TYPES OF THINGS ARE NICE AND APPROPRIATE, AND WHATS NOT.

Things like this have been happening for the past couple of months. I really think the reason Cayden wants to take toys to school is because he wants people to play with him and like him. Which is very sad.

Kids are so mean!! Cayden is so sweet and nice. He is considerate and so funny. He just wants to play and make everyone laugh. He will do whatever his friends want to do, he just wants to make people happy. How do these kids know that when someone is nice, that means you can walk all over them?

I love Cayden so much, this really makes me feel so bad. I dont know how to help him, beside telling him why he is so wonderful to try to build up his self esteem.

I heard a quote somewhere that said something like "thanks mom, for always being the perfect friend."  Thats what I want to be for him. I will always play with him, and love him, and laugh at his jokes, and not try to steal his toys, but he really needs some buddies. Ah it just breaks my heart.

Well thats me venting about other peoples bratty kids. Mine are not perfect, but you wont find my kid getting away with treating people badly.

Love him.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lots of sick and a little fun.

 Just thought I would start this post off by saying I have a really big and important test this afternoon, so here I am blogging.  ;)

This week has been oh so crazy. I have had Cord, Kennadi, and Quaid sick. And it doesnt even seem that anyone is getting much better. I had all three of them in the doctors office on Monday, and then yesterday evening I finally broke down and took Kenna into the instacare. Poor little girl. She is waking up at night complaining of lower abdominal pain. She isnt eating much and she has a fever most of the time.

She was feeling pretty cool after they gave her an Xray, the week before at preschool they were learning about the letter X, so this was kind of  fun thing for her. She couldnt wait to get home to show her big brother.
After that, the next step was to draw blood. Now I knew that would not be fun and I didnt want her to get scared so I didnt tell her what was about to happen. (some people think thats mean but its what works for my kids, if I told her she would have thrown a fit for 15 minutes waiting for it to happen) The man that took her blood was slightly different, but very nice. He blew her vain but he had just enough blood to run the test.
She was so big and brave. She watched the whole time and thought it was cool that she got to feel the vain before he poked it.  He didnt pick the vain that I would have picked though, he probably didnt have kids and couldnt feel her pain. I swear I held my breath the whole time. I have drew peoples blood before, never a kids, but I do not think I could do it to my own kid. Or maybe I could because I dont trust many other too do it. I dont know. But I was really proud of her.
Turns out, she was proud of herself too :) she didnt want to put on the baindaid, she wanted to keep the cotton and tape on so she could show Cayden.  I snapped some pics of her in the office:

They let her keep her cute pink tourniquet, which of course was awesome! She even snapped herself in the mouth with it about 3 minutes later.

They actually cant figure out what is causing her stomach pain. Everything looks normal and checks out fine. I'm only worried because this morning she is still hurting, and maybe even worse. Her temp this morning was 101.7 so she still has a fever. I hope it goes away soon, or we can figure something out for her. I hate not being able to help!!!

On another note, I have been watching many tutorials off of pinterest (of course I have, since I have a big important test today)  I have been learning to make fabric flowers and stuff for headbands and assecories. I am excited to buy Kenna some cheap flip flops and totally dec them out with flowers and pearls and what not.

Here is a picture of the necklace I made yesterday. I love it!! First one and I think it looks pretty good :)
 Then he wanted to take a picture with our heads in it. He looks so big and handsome, that's the only reason I love the picture. I look like a cartoon character.  lol

My grass is growing finally!!! It popped up and its getting big now and starting to fill out. I am so excited to have grass in our backyard. I think its so fun that we planted it and everything ourselves! Its something we will get to look back on and say we did it all from nothing. :)  ( By 'We' I mean 'Me')   I cant wait until its big and we can play on it!

 That's all for now! I need to study for this test!! I am so bad at procrastinating. Luckily, I talked to Blake and he does the same thing. I don't feel like such a slacker now, seeing that this is his last semester of Law School. So maybe I will get somewhere someday ;)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Give your kid a cute little puppy.

We had more soccer games on Saturday! They were so fun and went really well. Cord also got cleared last week to go back to work. His foot is still sore, but he can finally walk on it and he just needs to be careful.

I am sooo looking forward to having this semester be over in the next 5 weeks. It seriously couldnt come fast enough!! Besides looking forward to Easter, I would love it if we could just skip April and go straight to May. The first part of May I should find out if I got into MCC's Nursing program or not (not expecting it, just hoping) and I also get to fly to Baltimore to see my dad and little siblings, and drive to my brother Blakes house in Virginia for his law school graduation. I am really excited to go. A little nervous to take Quaidinator on the airplane, but looking forward to some family time and a little vacation.

Well, its a fact that we have 8 three week old puppies living outside my bedroom window. They are growing fast and are starting to walk around and like to be held and pet by us. I took them all out the other day and took some pictures of some for my sister to see, because she thinks so wants one. I thought I would post some pictures of them for fun. So if anyone wants one, they are five more weeks and then they can find new homes. They are really cute!! Half lab, half boxer. Should be great dogs :)

this last one is my favorite! He is the biggest and laziest puppy. We call him beaver :)