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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Okay so I know that I am late on this, like everything else, but here are a couple of pictures from my ultrasound from last week. One is just showing that he is a boy, and the other is of his head and spine. I didnt get any cute little ones of his face or anything because of the retard who was doing the scan was being stingy with printing. So ya that was not that great but atleast I got a couple!

Better late than never I guess! We are still trying to come up with some names for this little boy. Its proving to be harder than we thought. I just figured that we would be naming him Stetson (even if I didnt like that very much) just because thats the name that Cord loved and wanted so bad. Now, Cords dad told us that he hates that name and so that has kind of made us stop to think of some other options. A few names we have come up with are
  • Connor
  • Tanner
  • Roman
  • Noah
and a whole bunch that cord has thought of that are big NO's for me, like Ruger, J.W., Zuess, and a few other ridiculous things.

Other than that, all we know is that his middle name will for sure be Blake, and last name Lindsay. Cayden thinks we should name him steve (very random) or Blake Thomas Lindsay. That is because Caydens middle name is Thomas and he likes the name Blake. So I guess we will figure the whole thing out as we go. I cant wait until we finally have a name for this little guy! I need to put a name to all the kicks and punches I am feeling :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Baby!

Its A Boy!!!!

We had our ultrasound done on Tuesday afternoon. My mom and grandma both drove up that morning and just made it in time to come with me! They were both really excited. It was a lot of fun to have them both there. I was just happy to see them since its not very often that I get too, but everyone thought it was fun that there were 3 generations there to see my ultrasound.
Anyway...the tech took his time looking at everything else before he looked and saw what it was. It was fun seeing how obvious it was that it is a boy!

Cayden was yelling and screaming when he found out! It was so cute how excited he was. He was telling Kennadi, "In your face!" haha.
When I told Kennadi, she said, "But I want it to be a girl." Its okay she soon got over it and is excited to tell people that its a boy!
Cord didnt get to come with me...and when I told him that it was a boy he did not really believe me. He was hoping it would be another boy!

So we went out and bought some baby boy things! It was really fun. Today I got out all of Caydens newborn stuff. Its all been put away for years and I cried looking at all the little things that Cayden use to fit into. Its very crazy how the time flies and I feel so unprepared for it. Having another little boy makes me miss the time when Cayden was just a little baby. I cant believe how big and wonderful he is...already! I just feel very emotional and blessed to have these kids..and that I get to have another one too!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I just thought I would randomly put a few pictures on here while I am trying to kill some time :) For some reason, after I put the picture on here it goes blurry. Someone who is all into this blogging thing and knows what they are doing should tell me what I am doing wrong. Also...I want to make the blog look cute but cant figure that out either! Wow how I wish I was one of these people that have these amazing blogs!! There are a few out there that I like to just get on to look at because everything they post and do just looks amazing! I need blogging lessions :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Fun!

So I dont think I am doing very well with the blogging...already!! I guess I just need to wait until fun things happen to blog about them!
This past weekend was really fun for our little family! We decided to try to go camping for the first time this year! It was really fun, despite a few minor set backs. We found the perfect place to camp up in Smiths mesa! We didnt know if we were allowed to camp there, but the few other places we thought we would go were still closed from the winter. We ran into a forest ranger and he told us that where we were headed, was closed. So we turned around and ended up in smiths mesa. It all worked out good! Both kids had so much fun...and so did both dogs. The kids loved exploring and being able to basically run free. Cayden got to carry a pocket knife around in his pocket and I think that was his favorite part of the whole trip. He was so excited to be a big boy and have a knife like daddy! They both got dirty and messy and loved it!
My favorite part was of course the smores! I kept waiting to make them, but no one else cared to have them so I just sat there by the fire and made them myself. Eventally everyone else joined in :) Besides freezing our butts off all night, the fierce early morning winds, and the snow drift covering our tent when we woke up...oh and Caydens shoes being left out of the tent and being was all fun and went well. Maybe we will wait a few weeks for warmer weather and go again!!

On another note...tomorrow I go and have an my 20 week ultrasound and hopefully find out if this baby that is doing gymnastics inside of me is a boy or girl! I am very excited...and so are the kids. Its been a long couple of weeks waiting to find out! So I guess once I know that, I can blog agian and talk about that. I am just ready to start shopping for this kid and I know then it will feel real! So very exciting :) Basically everyone I know thinks or is hoping that this baby is a we will see if everyone is right.

I still have not imported any recent pics...but its on my to do list and as soon as its done I will post more!! I have millions of pictures (I take them like a maniac!) so I will get some on this blog!