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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fail, Try Again

I'm about as good at blogging as I am at writing in my journal. I want to do it, but even when I do have time it seems I just dont.

My kids are growing up so fast and I feel everyday like I am losing memories, because I cant possibly remember everything. That is the point of writing things down. I just want to be able to read through them one day and be able to remember things that I hadn't in a while.
Each of them say and do things that I love, or surprise me, or blow me away. I don't ever want to forget, and I want them to be able to look back and remember things as well. I want to do like a family journal type thing. Make a scrap book out of it. Make them by year and then they can look back whenever they want. Stick it on a shelf and someday my grand kids can read them. Cord tells me all the time that I need to stop thinking about my grand kids, and to live in the present more than in the future. I guess I have a hard time with that. I want the future to be great so I try to do what I can now to make it that way. Sounds intelligent to me....what do you think?

Now it has officially been 2013 for over a week. Life feels slow and fast at the same time. I still cant be in more than one place, or have more than two arms but I am a professional at doing a hundred things at once.
Cayden is still in second grade, and I am still the room mom for his class. I really love being involved.
He is starting basketball this week. Guess who his coach is this year! Yep, its me again. I get suckered in every time. This year its not my fault, I didn't sign up for it. I was asked, and I'm very happy to do it. There probably wont be many more years where my son wants his mom to coach his team. So I will do it while he wants me to. He is very excited that I am.

Kennadi starts dance next week. She is SO excited. No, I am not teaching it. Thank heavens. I have toyed with the idea of teaching dance classes, the kids think that is hilarious.....I dont know if I should be offended by that or not....
She is doing great in kindergarten. Loves her teacher, her friends. She even has a BFF. That is what they call each other...BFF's. I have no idea where they get it. They are so cute. She cracks me up...reminds me of Cayden and of myself when I was little. She makes me want to be a better person every single day. Sweet little thing.

Quaid is my day buddy. Its just me and him during the day. I really think he loves it. While we miss the kids while they are both gone all day, its nice to have just mommy and Quaidy time.
He is super into Diego and Dora, he sings the songs and he says the words in english and spanish just like he should. Its so funny and cute to watch. He is super smart, thanks to copying everything his big brother and big sister do. Everywhere we go people ask if he is 3...and we say nope, just turned 2 in September. People are pretty much blown away. They all then ask me if my husband is a super big guy. I'm sure Cord would like me to say Yes, yes he is. But he is average.
I love that little boy like fact that is our thing. I will say, "Quaid I love you like CRAZZZYY!!" and he will say "Mom I lub you CRAAAZZZZYYYYY!!!" Its my favorite thing. Other than when he says Boom Shaka Laka. so cute.

So there is my general breakdown of what is going on with the kids.
This semester I decided to take off from classes. It feels super weird to be home and not have studying and tests and quizzes and babysitters to find for classes. But its nice. I get to focus on being a better mom and wife, and getting ready to apply to some more nursing programs. Maybe I will get in somewhere this year (Fingers crossed, Knock on wood) Its got to be my year....(fingers crossed, knock on wood)

Cord is my rock. Thank goodness he puts up with me. I dont know how I got such a great guy...I kind of give myself credit for him becoming one, since we got married so young ;) That is a joke but I like to tease him with that...he teases me right back. Says he taught me how to drive and so much more. It is partially true. Anyway, I love him so much. Don't know how I would function without him.  We are a pretty good team and things seem to only be getting better and easier as time goes. Maybe its because our kids are getting older.  Whatever the case, super thankful for all he does for our family. He even builds me a fire every morning before work. Now that is love.

 I'm going to stop there for now. I hope that I can write more often. I guess I should be able to since it seems I have less going on. We will see!! If at first you fail (which I have, a lot) Try, Try again!! :)