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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Family Pictures

This past weekend we decided that we had better try and take some family pictures. I really wanted to wait until I fit into my prepregnancy jeans before we took them...but Quaid is getting so big, so fast that we needed to do some while he was little. A bunch of the pictures we took actually turned out really good. Cords sister took them for us, and she did a great job! Thanks aunt toni! :)

I cant beleive how big Quaid has got in 5 weeks. Yesterday he was offically 5 weeks old,and I just love to sit and stare at him. He is seriously precious. He looks like the other two kids did when they were babies, but then he also has a little something that is uniquely him. He is just the sweetest thing. He doesnt cry unless he is hungry or wet (or in the bath) and he loves to just look around and stare at Cayden and Kennadi. He sleeps when I need him to (sometimes things get crazy around here) and he seems to be pretty patient with me even. Its funny that I will know he is hungry, but I am in the middle of making dinner for the kids or bathing Kennadi or something...and he seems to be able to get by sucking on his binki until I can sit down to fed him. Such a good little guy! It seems like he is super long now....and getting very chubby. I knew he would become chubby, because thats just what seems to happen with my babies... but he is suddenly long. I guess the more kids you have, the faster they grow up. And I am even trying to savor every moment!!

This weekend is the deer hunt and Cord and the kids are really excited to go to the cabin and go hunting for the few days. I....well I am excited to get out of the house...but I dont know that I will be able to stay at the cabin from friday until wednesday like cord plans. That may be just a little to long to be cooped up there. I wont really be able to get out and do to much since Quaid is still so little, but I think we will all have a good time. I hope the weather decides to be good. According to the news...we might get some snow. That would actually be really fun as well! I hope we remember to bring the hot chocolate mix. I will have to post pictures once we are home. Hopefully cord gets a deer...I'm thinking that he thinks he will for I pray it works out.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lookin back a few weeks...

I was just downloading some pictures that was on one of my memory cards that I had put in the diaper bag for the past couple weeks. It has the pictures on it from when we brought Quaid home from the hospital, and it had pictures of his stay at the NICU. It brought back the memories of how scared we were, and how really sad it was seeing that poor little guy like that. I thought I would post some of these pics and share it.

This picture is me showing how sad it was....he was under two sets of lights that were above him, and one light that was in the form of a blanket and that was under him. Poor little guy sat in there in nothing but a diaper and his eye gear. We had to monitor his temp too because he was cookin in there...literally.

In this picture, you can see his little IV in his hand and the other tubes and cords going all over the place. It was seriously crazy sad and scary to see him like that...and watching them put the IV I tell you those nurses that work in the NICU are the worlds most wonderful nurses! They are so good at what they do, and their attitudes are wonderful. We had one nurse there who was our favorite, and now I wish I would have gotten a picture of Quaid with her before we came home. She was really wonderful!

This is me finally getting to hold him!! He had to be under the lights constantly for the first little while. But after his Bili levels fell to a certain point, they let me take him out for 20 minutes every 3 hours to feed him. It was so nice to finally get to hold him and cuddle with him after they take him away and I could only look and touch his little hand or head for all that time. It was almost better than having him placed on me for the first time after he was born. Because I knew he was safe inside of me, but when he is outside and I am not able to hold him when he needs me...thats such a hard thing. It was great getting to hold him finally...

While it was terribly hard being in the NICU for the 3 days we were really made us count our many blessings. All of the other babies in there were really sick. Most of them were tiny and on breathing machines. Our baby was the biggest and healthiest one in there. So were were glad we were only there for 3 days instead of 3 weeks or even 3 months like the others.

Just so thankful that today Quaid is 3 weeks and 5 days old, and he is doing great! I can see how big he is getting everyday. And he is so so handsome and such a good little guy! I love him more than I even imagined that I could possibly love another little baby. I guess its true that you never run out of love...with every child you just have more to give..and I love each one my children so very much. I thank my Father in Heaven every day for these blessings that I have, and dont always feel worthy of!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mindless ramblings....

These Pictures are not very clear, I took them with my phone...but I just wanted to share them because they were both taken today. This is what baby Q looks likeTODAY. Its important for me to remember these little things. I know how easy it is to forget...and i hate feeling like I may someday not remember these things that are so special to me. I cant believe how big Quaid is today. It feels like everyday there is noticable change with him. His little face is filling out so much! He is getting longer. Its just so crazy how much changes in 3 weeks time. I love this little guy with all my heart. Everything he does is precious to me. Of course all moms think that their babies are the cutest..and I am no exception.

On another note, I also want to talk a little about the crazyness that people refer to as wal mart. I dont know why going there has changed so much since I have had Q. He really does nothing to add any stress. He sleeps the whole time and I really dont have to bother much with him. I guess going shopping with Cayden and Kennadi has not changed much..but it really feels different. I hate how the first thing one sees when they walk into wal mart is all the seasonal stuff. Right now its all the fun and spooky halloween stuff. So of course right from the get go, the kids are trying to escape from me and look at all the fun stuff. I let them look for a few minutes usually, then drag them along. Basically, i feel like I am everywhere in that store. One kid is touching this while the other is running over there. It almost makes me dizzy. This is them even being good. So while I am checking out today after getting one of everything in the store (the kids are running here and there touching things and asking for stuff) The clerk asks me how I do it with 3 little ones. I reply "I guess I must be crazy" Thats when I decided that is exactly right. When people ask me how I have my house clean and we are all dressed and to places on time...all while having and taking care of 3 kids...I guess its because I must be crazy. Seriously I have no idea how it all gets done. It just does. And doing it all makes me feel crazy because I am in 8 places at once. But I love it. Its my life..and its fun. I have always said I love being I guess having these 3 beautiful kids is perfect for me.
I know I am just rambling and should probably end this
blog...but Quaid is asleep and Cayden and Kennadi are playing in the back I really dont have much to do at this moment.
So I will stop typing and insert some photos. Thats the fun part
of blogs anyway :)

This picture is of the first time that Cords dad got to meet Quaid. WHen he was born, Shawn was working out of town. He didnt get to meet him until he was one week and 2 days old. He of course loved him instantly like the rest of us :)

Kennadi took this picture of us!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cant Keep up!

Wow. It seems that as hard as I try (and I really do try!) I just cant keep up with this whole blogging thing. I read other peoples blogs all the time, and everyone does so good! I need to try a lot harder with this. I think its a wonderful way for family and friends to know whats going on in our families life without having to call everyday and talk for an hour. Even though that would be nice :)

So a small update on life...well we had our new baby boy on September 15th. He was born at 12:55am after 11 hours and 55 minutes of labor. I have to was a difficult labor. And the actual delivery was very hard. His head was tilted and turned in the wrong direction, so the whole time I was pushing (in between pushes) the doctor and nurses were all up in there attempting to turn him. It was not fun. On top of that, my epidural had already started to ware off by the time I started to push. So I could feel a lot more than I cared to feel. I also was throwing up all through the labor! Good thing my wonderful husband was there by my side the whole time (in between his naps :) ) But I had a wonderful doctor and they were talking to me and actually joking around in between pushing, and soon we had a baby there. They put him on my belly and I just could not believe it. He was perfect. I had never seen anything so cute. Everyone keeps telling me that usually newborns are not to cute, but he is!! and he is!!! He was just adorable. So all in all, it was pretty wonderful. We named him Quaid Shawn Lindsay. He was 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long. My biggest baby yet!

Two days after we came home from the hospital, Quaids billiruben levels were critically high so they sent him to the NICU where we stayed for 3 days. It was very intense. Very scary for all of us. He did great there though, and even though it was a very rough time, it brought our family closer together. We are all home and doing great. He is now 3 weeks and 1 day old. We all love him so much and I have to say that he has already really blessed our family. I am totally a baby hog..and I am sorry I cant help it. I could hold this precious little guy all night and day if I could. I would be fine never having to put him down or walk away from him. He is a great baby and I enjoy every second that I have. Its crazy how fast time fly's by with kids, and now that I have experienced it twice, I am really soaking as much up as I can with this one. Plus he is just so dang cute!!

Cayden is doing wonderful in kindergarten. He goes to Three Falls Elementary and his teacher is Mrs Ried. He loves her, and he is learning so much! He is impressing me everyday, as always. He learned how to ride his bike without training wheels...and now he is a pro! Its his favorite thing to do. He is such a big help to me with the baby and Kennadi. He pretty much keeps Kenna busy for me all day. They are good friends!! So glad I have this boy to help me everyday.

Kennadi thinks she is a mini mom. Sometimes she is actually very helpful, other times I have to watch what I say to her and how I say it so I dont hurt her feelings by telling her to not hurt the baby or move out of the way! But she is adjusting pretty good, besides her new little attitude, which includes her sticking her tongue out at everything we tell her to do. Drives me insane!!

Today I am really feeling thankful for the house that we have to live in. I cant believe its been 2 years since we were searching and searching for the perfect house for our family. Almost 2 years since we bought this house...and its really become our home. I believe this is the longest I have ever lived in one house in my life. Thats really crazy!!