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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A new concept for the Holidays

Ok, November? Really? Wow. I just cant believe how this year has flown by. Its insane. The past couple of month, with money tight and the holidays coming up, I have really been thinking alot about Christmas and the meaning of these holidays. I also have been thinking about the impact on my children. To kids, Christmas is about presents and getting basically anything you want. I remember what it was like. Its not until you grow up and have kids of your own that things you have been told really fall into place. The true meaning of Christmas and the holidays in general has changed dramatically for me. The way I want my kids to think about this time of the year has changed too. Therefore I have decided that we are changing the way Christams is ran in this house. I want my kids to be involved in giving back. I want them to feel the feeling that it creates when you know your helping someone else, bettering someones day or month or life. Things like this are something a person or family looks back and remembers forever.

This year we are going to "adopt a family" in a sense. We dont have extra money to provide great things for ourselves or others, but I want to get my kids involved. We are going to come up with ideas, crafts, service, anything really. I have a family in mind. Thanks to Pinterest I have been planning on making pretty much everything we give to our kids and family and friends anyway. So I want to just make extra things, have the kids help, and provide some fun things to the children in a family in our neighborhood.

I want to reach out to anyone else this holiday season who feels like they want to give back. Depending on how much support we get, we could potentially reach out to many other families in our community. So friends and family, if you have ideas or want to participate in making cute and fun things for kids, moms, or dads, it would be great. Get your kids involved. Kids love making things, and they truely love helping people and feeling important! We will take donations as well. Give $5 or $2, and you know that that money went towards making someone elses holiday season better than they knew it could be.

Have a neighbor or family member that you feel could use the little help this year? Let me know! Most of the things we will be doing are going to be for kids, and we have tons of projects! My kids are going to have fun making stuff, so will I, and other will benefit.

Lets get involved this year. It doesnt take much, but there are people all around us that we dont even realize that this is the most stressful and painful time of year, just because they cant provide the things they want to be able to for their family. Lets ease some pain and teach ourselves and our children great lessons while we are at it!

Ok, so if I convinced you at all, and you want to donate money, or ideas, or fabric, or beads or anything you have...or your time and participation, Let me know. Write me a message on facebook, or email me at You can even call me or text me. (If you need my number then message me)

Thanks for even reading this! I feel very strongly about this stuff if you cant tell :) I have a sincerly deep love and attraction to helping people and families. I swear its my life calling ;)

SO every few days this month I will post some information, some pictures of ideas of things we are going to be making, stuff like that. I hope to actually start finishing everything up by the first week in December.
Thanks everyone!