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Friday, September 30, 2011

Holy Cow

It has seriously been so long since I have attempted to blog. I love reading other peoples blogs, and when I do I think that I really need to get better at it! I know I know, I pretty much say that everytime I actually do blog. Lets see how good I do at it this time :)

I cant even pretend I could try to catch up. We have way to much going on on a daily basis that it would not be possible.
So here is a little catch up, minus the details.

Cayden Started frist grade. First grade? No way!! I know, huh. I cant believe it either! His teacher is Mrs. Van Pelt. She is new this year, and he really likes her (despite what I think of her so far) Cayden is super smart and is doing great. He is making lots of new friends too!

Kennadi started preschool. Yep, I really cant believe this. She was sooo ready though and was so excited to finally start. She is going to the FunShine Preschool in Laverkin, Her teacher is Ms. Chris and we LOVE her. She is seriously wonderful!

Quaid turned one on September 15th! Yes, he is one already. The year flew by, blah blah blah. Its what all the moms say, but it is really true. They grow up so so so fast that its sad. I know I tend to be overly emotional, but it was hard seeing my baby turn one. I know how fast they grow up. Since he is my 3 (and might be my last) I let myself cry a bit and really reflect the past year. It was wonderful, and really trying at first. But he is a huge blessing in our family and we ALL love him a enormous amount!So I started back to school this semester. I went during the summer as well but only half time. So this is my first time going back to school full time since I have had three kids. I have to say its really working out pretty well. I am taking 14 credits (ouch!) and I go to school in St. George every day of the week. Its a lot, and I was not sure I would be able to do that! I have never taken classes every day of the week. With the help of Cords little brother Cal, who watches the kids on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and our wonderful babysitter Christina, who watches Kenna and Quaid on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, Its all working out! Its a miracle. I hope after this semester I will be able to get into a nursing program. Its difficult working so hard in school, and having everything ready to apply to the program, but not knowing when I will be able to start. I am anxious to start the program so I can get it done and start working. :)

On another note, am I allowed to blog about how much I love love love my husband? Well its my blog so I am going to! ;)
Its really hard for me to believe that after all these years I love him more and more than I ever have before. In march we will celebrate our 7 year anniversary. That means we have been together for 8 years and known each other for 10. Thats crazy to me!!! But Cord is an AMAZING husband and father and provider for all of us. He just amazes me <3!!!

We recently got some new family pictures done (FINALLY) I love them! Toni did a great job taking them, and I edited them just the way I like :)

On another (last) note, I would like to thank my hair dresser for introducing me to Pinterest!! I love love love it and am probably addicted. I seriously have SO many things I am in the process of starting now, and i cant wait for Christmas to make everyone I know something special ;)