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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lets play catch up!

Its been a while since I have taken time to write on the blog. Things get busy and hectic, or lazy. But I do keep thinking that I need and want to do some updates. I have every intention of pritining the blog off every few months and keeping it as a scrap book type of thing. I need to come up with some fun and cute ideas for it. So here it goes, I'm going to try and catch up on here in a few posts...

I hope I get as far as I'm wanting to right this second!!

Well a few weeks ago I took Kennadi out and took some pictures of her, She had been so excited to make her graduation invitations. I know it sounds silly, but I made some for Cayden when he was graduating from preschool so of course I had to do the same thing for her. I knew I was going to be out of town the week of her graduation (I came home two days before) so I had to get them done before I left. Yes it was that important to me, yes I know I take things to far.  :)
She is a little fashion model. This girl and her poses. She was adorable, and so hard to work with because she didnt want to hold still or keep her chin up or look at the camera.

 I love that little girl. We have lots of little drama. Cord says its because she acts just like me. I pray for patience every day...I hope I get more patient every day too. But we work it out and she is my little princess, im so glad to have a daughter. I cant wait (I actually can) until she gets older and we go shopping and talk on the phone and are just best friends. Thats how its supposed to be.

Also before I left, My good friend Amanda had her little guys first birthday party. We love her kids so it was fun to go and play. Cayden went with Cord on the Fathers and Sons camp out so it was just Kennadi, Quaid, and Mommy. We had a good time. and anywhere that has cake is way worth going ;)

Here is a picture of Quaid and Porter playing with his new ball we got him. Poor Quaid was convinced it was for him the whole time we were in Wal Mart. He didnt really know what was going on when I wrapped it up and then Porter was playing with it. But he did really well, actually better  than I thought he would!!

A few days later Quaid and I got all packed  up to head to Baltimore. I was nervous and excited and anxious. The whole trip I was overwhelmed with emotions, but I will save all of that for the next post!!