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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Last week

Last week was the 24th of July, and in Utah that means Pioneer Day and parades, fireworks, all the fun stuff. We always like to go to Panguitch for the 24th because they have a great parade and usually the rodeo. Cords family has a ranch up by Panguitch Lake and a cabin there and that is the kids most favorite place. This year Cord had to work so I decided to take the kids and head up with Cords mom. Both his sisters came, his brother, and Toni brought her boy friend Kory. 
I was so lonely without Cord there, since it was all his family! The kids had so much fun though, and I was really glad that we got to go.
 Kennadi looked so cute. 
I love that I make her a little tutu and she is so excited for it! Sometimes she is a big pill and doesnt like the things that I try to get her to wear, but she liked the tutu :)

 I always have to try and snap a picture of myself with the kids. Honestly if I didn't do this, there would be NO pictures of me. In twenty years, my kids wouldn't even know what their mom looked like when they were kids. I'm never in the pictures, just the one taking them!

He was being so funny waiting for the parade, he sat in front of where we were sitting just to pose! I loved it since I remembered my camera (I'm famous for forgetting it when I would want it!)

 Funny story, the Panguitch parade is actually a really, really good parade! The kids got so much stuff, and not just candy. Kennadi got this crochet hook from the quilting float. They were actually handing some out and they walked right up to her and gave her one. She LOVED it. Didn't know what it was for, but now she wants to learn. I'm going to have to whip my crochet stuff out and teach her some simple chains.
 It was just really cool that besides a ton of candy they got shirts and frisbees and crochet hooks and necklaces and all kinds of other things. 
                                        They even got to pet Bob, the donkey. Don't ask... ;)

Since we were already up at the ranch, we decided to take a day and go hike up in Bryce Canyon. I had never been there before, and neither had Toni's boy  friend. (Im purposly seperating the word boy and friend, because he is just her boy...friend) 
I was nervous to go hiking with all three kids without Cord with us. I had Toni and Brooke and Cal there, but I knew they would be doing their own things. It worked out, and it was so pretty up there.
Cayden was hilarious, only because he was terrified of the cliffs. The thing with Bryce Canyon is that your at the top looking down, unless you hike down to look up (which I wouldn't recommend doing with a 35 pound toddler unless you have some sort of carrying device, or a hubby to switch off holding the kid!) 

We got some good pictures and of course the most important thing...the kids had fun!

 Cayden was so terrified here, he didn't want to get too close to the edge. He didn't want anyone to get close to it, he was so nervous. He is definitely my kid!

 Me and my baby girl!

 The whole gang. Minus me...of course ;)

 This last one is my favorite picture!! At the bottom, there were a few HUGE trees. THis one looked like a small tree was growing out of the huge one. Very pretty.