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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful post :)

I keep thinking that I need to get on here and do some blogging, then when I have the chance and do, I cant really think of much to blog about.
Since Thanksgiving is almost here, I thought maybe i would would go through some of the things that I am most thankful for. First, I am truely thankful for my three wonderful children. They keep me going everyday and I love it. They are the loves of my life, and I couldnt imagine anything without them. Each of them are so uniquely special to me, and I just cant get enough of them. Its funny because I have a hard time leaving my kids to do anything or go anywhere, and its really because I just enjoy being with them all the time. I dont feel like I really need to leave them or go somewhere without them. Of course little breaks are great, but I always end up missing them. They keep me laughing and happy all the time. I am so thankful that I am a mother!
I love my husband so much, and am thankful to him for so many different things. He is the reason that I am a mother, and I love him for that. Also, I totally lucked out on this guy! I know that sounds funny but really, when we were dating and first got married I really didnt know about some of the qualities he had that I would need in my life. He is such a hard worker and a very dedicated person. He is always working to provide a good living for his family. I have never met anyone else that tries so hard to give their familys the things they need. He is fun to be around all the time, and such a wonderful person and father. He reminds me on a daily basis why I fell in love with him. Everyday. Its wonderful. I could not possibly ask for a better man to be married to.
I am thankful for the house that we have that has become our home. I am thankful for the house that we ended up finally being able to buy, after going through so many potential houses. This really was the perfect house for our family and I love it!
I am thankful for my job, and the wonderful people there...and for cords job as well.
I am thankful for my mother.Its been a long time but I can fianlly say that I have a good, wonderful relationship with her. She is now the best friend that she use to be to me, years ago. Love her!
I am thankful for my older brother and one of my best friends in this world, Blake. He is always there for me when I need him, and he makes me feel like a good person :) I love my big brother!
I am so very thankful everyday for cords family members. Without them, my kids wouldnt have known a family their whole lives. I am thankful for everything they do for us,all the presents for the kids and family dinners and dropping by just because. They are absolutely wonderful people!!

I know there is so much more that I am thankful for, but for time sake, this is it. :) Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So blogging has been on my mind the past couple weeks, I have just lacked the time to sit and actually do it. It seems like everytime I sit down to do something, I hear a bang or a cry or someone yell my name. Its endless. Atleast I dont get board.

Last Sunday, Nov. 7th we blessed Quaid. It was really great. Cords cousin who he has been close with growing up gave him a wonderful blessing. I always thought that babies for some reason never cried during their blessings, that some higher power comforted them or something. Wrong. Quaid fussed at about half way through the thing. It was still great and very special. He looked absolutely adorable in his little suit. I could not actually button the top button, due to his sudden weight gain and massive cheeks :) Everyone was lovin on him. I think that he was actually loving all the cuddles he was receiving from various relatives and friends, because he rarely got fussy.
One thing I was expecting to happen, which didnt (thank goodness) was that he didnt get gassy during the blessing. He is really a grunter. My aunt referred to him as a grizzly bear because of the little growls he always makes, and while making them he usually farts. In fact, its something that happens when we are shopping or are around people, and they of course look at me, because something so small could not make the noise. But he does. So I am thankful I didnt have to deal with that :)
When something special is happening, its usually cords family who is always there. I love everyone of them, but for this special occasion I had family members who were able to come. It was wonderful to see them there and know they came just because they love us and wanted to be apart of a special time. Thanks to the few members of my family that made it :)

The past couple days, I have been dealing with sick kids, sick husband, and not feeling so hot myself. I was thinking this morning that this is really my first big challenge since becoming a mom of three. Its been kinda nuts at times. Of course sick kids want their moms. So I have been holding Kennadi while trying to bounce Quaid at the same time. Im atleast glad that cayden got sick before us all..and therefore is getting much better while the rest of us are peaking. So he is a big help to me. That sweet little guy.
I hope we all feel better soon, and things can settle down a little bit.