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Cord, Amberly, Cayden, Kennadi, and Quaid!



Thursday, September 18, 2008

Come ON house!

So....we are supposed to be closing on this house finally today. I am just hoping and praying that it actually happens today for real. They have been telling us that we will be closing for the last week and a half. So I am very anxious and I want to move into our new house so bad. So already this morning I have been running around faxing papers and making phone calls trying to get everything in order. I hope all of our efforts pay off soon. I am SO ready to move. Cross your fingers for us!

Cord will be home at about five or six today. My kids are really excited to have their daddy home. They really miss him when he is gone. Kennadi is such a daddys girl. The first day cord left, when he never came home from work, Kennadi stood by our back door and pointed out the window and cryed "dada...dada" It was really sad, it just broke my heart. I cant wait to see the look on her face when Cord walks through the door. She is going to be so happy. Cayden gets really hyper when Cord finally gets home after being gone for weeks at a time. He has not had anyone to wrestle with or play fight with. So when Cord walks through that door, Cayden is ready to pounce on him. I am so happy that my husband and children all love each other so much. I mean of course familys love each other, but its so wonderful when they love and like and miss each other. I am a very lucky wife/mother!

Late Night

Today was another busy. I would think I would be getting use to these busy days but I am not yet. I guess I would rather be busy then bored though. With Cord out of town, being busy is the best way to be. Tonight I watched my friends two kids. They are so sweet, I really wouldnt have minded just keeping them here. Katie is 9 and Tyler is almost 4. So they both get along really well with my kids. We all just love each other. Katie let me braid her hair, that makes me so excited for when Kennadi finally gets long hair. My kids really had fun tonight with some friends here .

Cord will finally come home tomorrow and we should be moving into our new house in Hurricane this weekend. I am so excited to finally move into a house. Its been a long and crazy road to buying a house but I am so happy that we finally have one and things are finally working out. I cant wait until we are all moved in and settled. Life will just be so much easier in a bigger house. Especally a house of our own.