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Thursday, January 2, 2014

T'was the Season, now its gone.

2013 came and is gone. Crazy. But we had a really wonderful holiday season this year. All of the kids are at such fun ages. Christmas time has a special spirit surrounding it, and the kids can feel it. Its awesome. 

I have such a deep love for my little family, and for our extended family as well. This time of year always brings us closer together, and we always make fun memories. This Christmas I really, really wanted to surprise my husband, and give him the best Christmas ever. Pretty sure I did :) I love him so much, thought he deserved a special holiday this year!!

I had to post some pictures of our sugar cookie making evening. We did this on my birthday, and I'm pretty sure it will become a tradition now.  The kids had a lot of fun with each step, and the dough was really yummy! Even if the cookies didnt end up tasting the best, they were pretty, and we did it all ourselves! 

 We started a gingerbread making tradition with Cords aunts and cousins 8 years ago. We havent missed a year. The kids love it!!!! Its so nice to spend a few hours with the WHOLE family, and catch up with cousins and just goof around. We always do it at Aunt Julies house, which the kids LOVE. They are zoo animals I swear ;)
I snapped lots and lots of pictures this year, here are a few :)

 Nikole and I are both expecting this year, she is about 10 weeks ahead of me, due next week I think!!! I am so excited for her and her husband, who grew up close with Cord. I just had to get a picture of the two of us together sportin' the bellys :)
Then Uncle Bruce had to jump in the picture and sport his 'belly' too ;) 

 I got pictures of the kids with santa....the day before christmas eve......but I got them!!!! This is something that is of huge importance to me every year. We have to have a santa picture. I didnt want to pay for one this year, so we went somewhere new and it ended up being really great! Cant decide why these pictures are so precious to me...probably because the years that the kids believe are quickly going to end...and I'll never be ok with that!!!! We love Santa at our house!!!!

 They even made us all get into a shot, which was perfect because Cord couldnt be a butt about it ;)
 Christmas eve,
oh how I love you. My children are so good, and such big helpers the whole day long. Excitement is thick in the air. Its just a great, great day. Please let that spirit and feeling be in my home and with my family every single year. Love, Me.

And Christmas Morning,
I actually got a picture of myself with the kids by the tree. I want this every year but most are too hectic and fun to do so. I'm so grateful I have this, even if I do look like the walking dead....

Point of this long post, I love Christmas. I love my children and my husband, I am so so blessed to have them and all of the other 'things' we have.

Next year we will have a baby again, so crazy.

12 weeks until my due date, 10ish until she could be here anytime. Crazy, I just cant believe it! (Its freaking me out, but in a good way, I'm so not ready)

I hope all our friends and family had a great holiday season as well. I love reading everyone's blogs and seeing the pictures. How blessed are we all???

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Lisa and Devin Graff said...

You are beautiful and so is your family!!! I love all the traditions that come with christmas. Your kids are all so big i cant even believe it! can't wait for #4!!