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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh that bandwagon...

So that Blogging bandwagon, I want to be on it. I NEED to be on it. Most of the previous posts on this blog talk about this exact thing, using different words. What I'm trying to say is....I really want to be a good blogger. I want to do it a couple times a week..well maybe that is a bit much. But I want to do it more than twice a year! Well here I go.

So its been forever and a day. I hate it when people say that but I guess now I know why they do.

So today has been a crazy and busy day. I guess usually my days are that way, but today I had to be in many places with not much time in between. That kicks this pregnant momma's butt.

Oh yes, I'm pregnant. Guess I should put that out to the blogging world. It was so awkward a few days ago...and I swear I am the most awkward person I know, but this was really...well you get it.
Anyway I had a photo session this past saturday with a little family. I knew the mom from my middle school days, and its been so fun to take pictures of her kids for her. I last saw her when I did her sons newborn shoot in April I beleive it was. So I got out of the car and she says "Oh, your pregnant!" and I reply with "Ya I know." Ummm...duh   Wow the things I let myself say. I tried to clear that up by laughing and saying I mean, Yeah I am! Ha

I have been doing SEP's this week at the kids' school. Its a good thing, and a hard thing for us this year. I just cant get over how great of a year my kids had last year. They learned so much and they did so well. Their grades were awesome, their behavior was awersome, they were learning so much and improving. It was just as it should be.
This year is a different story. Kennadi is such a smart little thing, and she doesn't struggle in the ways that Cayden does. She is struggling in her reading a bit. Since I switched the kids from the charter school back into public school, the difference has been very significant. Kennadi was not where she needed to be at all starting first grade. She did all day kindergarten at Valley Academy last year, and I know the teacher struggled to keep the kids happy and interested all day long. I know it was long and difficult. So they did a lot of games and music and stuff like that. Now I am thinking they must not have done much learning...Kennadi is just now getting to be at the level where she should have started first grade a few months ago. She is learning and growing and progressing nicely but she started behind. That makes me sad. I didnt know she was behind and no one informed me that she wanst up to par in kindergarten. It leads me to believe that the charter school did things differently enough that they either did not know where the students were compared to where they should be at that point in their education, or they test differently than the public school. Whatever the case, its been a bit of a struggle. Its hard to hear that your child is behind. We all think the world of our children, and I could go on and on about how amazing she is. The truth is she is behind and that makes it so we do more work, or need to be doing more work with her, and that equals more stress and longer homework nights. Since I know what it is like to struggle in school I will do everything in my power to help my children. So its a blessing that Kennadi gets extra reading time in class, and gets to do a special intervention class in school as well to help her read. Those things among the other reading activities and working with her at home. So its all good....but I need to remember that she is behind and I need to make more of an effort to help her. Pregnancy and Patience aren't things that usually go in the same sentence for me, but I need to be patient with her even though I am pregnant and can be moody.

Cayden and his struggles in school are of a completely different sort. He lacks motivation to finish his work. Actually he doesn't really care that he needs to do the work, so he doesn't. He has kind of had that attitude since kindergarten but its just now really effecting his grades and those things. He is SUCH a smart boy, borderline gifted in certain areas. He is such a fast learner as well..he just doesn't want to do it, so he doesn't. Simple as that. But that's not good. I have tried everything I can to motivate him. Rewards, Consequences, all of it. He will go through periods where he does awesome but it doesn't last. His teacher tries all she can to make him do his work but he just doesn't. If you know Cayden then you know he loves to be silly and goofy and that is how he makes friends and how he get attention and how he thinks he should act if he is embarrassed...well we can work with that, but I just need to get him to know how important it is to start and finish his school work, and that he needs to do it right. He actually fakes doing it. By that I mean his work will look done but it will have random numbers or words or its just not right. So he doesn't read the directions. Its so frustrating. This kid I swear, I love him to death but he is going to give me gray hair before I reach my 30's.  If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. I love this boy and dont want to see him get further and further behind. It makes me sad to see where he is in school and look at his classmates and see that they are moving further than he is. I want him to love school and love learning, which he says he does and acts that way, so I cant figure out what the problem is. I just want him to be successful.

Quaid has his birthday in the middle of September, which means he barely misses the cut off date for starting school. Its terrible, because he is pretty much ready!!! But he has to wait an extra year. So he is not in preschool this year because I just thought he didnt need that many years of preschool. I wish I would have done it anyway because he needs some little friends. He is always around big people and he is pretty bossy, lol, so I need to find him some little play groups with kids his age. He is my little buddy though. He has been to all my doctor appointments with me and ultrasounds and all that good stuff. Since cord doesn't really have the type of job where he can just stop working and run with me to appointments, its actually been nice that I don't have to go all alone. I love spending my days with Q. And He loves being with me all day. So it works out.    We have finally convinced him that the baby will be a girl, even though he strongly argues it. He wanted it to be a  boy badly. Some days he says its fine that its a girl, and he has even started to hug and kiss my belly now that it is getting bigger. Its so adorable and warms my heart. I have to say I feel so blessed with the three children I have. Even though we have our struggles for sure, they are great to me and they make me proud and happy everyday.

Another reason I want to start writing on this blog more is so I can keep everyone, and myself updated with what is happening not only in the life of our family, and the upcoming birth of our new addition, but with all the things that are going to be happening with Cord. Most people don't know anything is going on, and thats ok. I don't much feel like announcing things or even talking about them right now. Our family has hit a hard patch. Things feel like they are really rough...but I know we will make it through. Talking about it all will be the first step for me so im sure that bits and pieces will come out here.. and that will be kind of therapeutic. Also, I will be able to look back on this and remember details of what was going on in our life at this time, and how it felt. I love remembering the little things.

So today has been pretty good, and pretty busy. At the end of the day I just can not wait to have Cord come home so I can hug and kiss him, feed us all dinner, and spend the evening with my little family. Maybe its the pregnancy, maybe its the circumstances, but I cant stand being away from Cord all day. yeah yeah I know, kinda mushy...but it feels nice...almost 10 years together and I can honestly say I like him more now than I did then ;)

And some pictures just for fun...

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